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Welcome to Save American Dragon!
American Dragon belongs to one of the successful Show in TV!
For a further success of this series, we want to fight here!

Welcome to Save American Dragon!

American Dragon is one of the most successful series in TV.
For continued success, we want to fight here!

AD was very successful. It was one of the best series on the Disney Channel since first broadcast,
who has been produced by Disney. The series had also on the international market very good viewing figures.

When the series was so successful, then why is any 3rd season producing?
The series owns only 2 seasons with 52 episodes. But here could be more episodes!

We from the Save American Dragon Team, continue to believe to an huge success in the event of a third season and we want to indicate the world and especially Disney.

On the following pages we inbtend everything important to save the series and indicate to you this.

You have a Question? Write us a email under this Email-Adress: help (at) americandragon (dot) tk

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