Interview with Jeff Goode - Save American Dragon: Jake Long International
Interview with Jeff Goode

> How did you come to the idea of American Dragon Jake Long?
ADJL was originally created as a show that would appeal to fans of Harry Potter. When I sold the show to Disney, we made some changes to make it more appropriate for a Disney Channel audience.

> Did you have any idea for Jake before you drew him the first time ?
The first Jake was drawn by Dave Filoni, who is now the director of the Clone Wars series.

> Are there ideas for episodes which wasn't produced?
There are always hundreds of ideas for episodes. But none that were written and then not produced.

> Why was Rose resp. the complete Hunts clan at the middle of season two taken out?
Originally, Season 2 was supposed to be 18 episodes long. So episode 18 was planned as the season finale. But the show was doing so well that the Disney Channel decided to expand Season 2 to 31 episodes. However, episode 18 had already been written. So we have a very big episode in the middle of that season.

> Why had the second season another look than the first season?
The second season had a different director, and we decided to take the opportunity to try some things with the art that we didn't get a chance to do in the first season. In America, for example, we also changed the theme song.

> Do you think there will be a AD:JL Movie?
Someday there probably will be.

> Was AD:JL financial a disaster?
Actually, ADJL has been very successful. It's been the #1 or #2 animated show on the Disney Channel since it was first broadcast. And it's done even better in some of the international markets.

> Had you choose the german synchronization?
No, the German synchronizations are done by Germany's Disney Channel.

> Did you know, that the german voice of Jake (Clemens Ostermann) had been died?
No, I did not. That is very unfortunate.

> Do you take a part of the Save-American Dragon day's?
I have visited some of the rallies.

> Did you had any restrictions from disney for the contant of the scenes?
Naturally, Disney has a whole department to advice us on standards and practices. We work with them to make sure there is nothing inappropriate in the show.

> Which episodes do you like most and fewest?
I am a fan of a lot of the episodes. Most of the staff likes the episodes that take place on Dragon island.

> And a last question: Would you like to greet the community?
Greetings, Community! I hope you enjoy the show. And keep watching!
Dragon Out!


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